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Project A.L.S. History:

Historically, ALS research was conducted by committed ALS researchers working separately on various aspects of the disease.

Project A.L.S.™ changed that approach dramatically by requiring that researchers and doctors from many disciplines work together, share data openly, and meet shared research milestones.

Project A.L.S.™ actively recruits researchers, much as competitive sports teams recruit the best athletes. Project A.L.S.™ has built dream teams in four main areas: Basic Research, Genetics, Stem Cells, and Drug Screening.

Project A.L.S.™ research is funded on a rolling basis and is vetted by the Project A.L.S.™ research advisory board.

Project A.L.S. Strategy:

The overall strategy is to raise significant funds and direct the majority of the funds raised to the collaborative efforts of world leading scientists.

Project A.L.S.™ relies on fundraising and support from an ever growing network of donors: corporate, foundation,and individuals.

Ours is a strategy of family: the larger the Project A.L.S.™ family, which includes donors, patients, loved ones, researchers, staff, doctors, and concerned citizens, the faster we’ll make progress in the war on ALS.